Those of you who frequent EWC know that we generally post one article every other day to remind our readers and their friends that the world is still an incredible, amazing place.

We have so much in our article “bullpen” to show you, so we keep a very organized schedule. But once in a while, we run across something so full of wonder that it seems to demand a quick turnaround: Gulp came to us from an avid fan (thank you to Sherry K. from Toronto) and it’s just such unique fun that we had to bump it up in our schedule.

Image: Gulp Sand Art

Source: Fast Company

The amazing thing about this video – well there are many amazing things – is that it’s the culmination of a group of creative people coming together to make something HUGE, using an often-used method (stop-motion animation), and if the video wasn’t great enough, we found another that explains how in the heck they pulled this off. Everyday technology in the hands of creative people can produce some wonderful things that would seem impossible.

Since launching this new version of our website a few weeks ago, we are getting more and more “shares” of our positive content, so thank you ahead of time for spreading the word about EWC with your friends who might also want some good news for a change!

Now let’s have some fun with an amazing little four-minute video from Nokia HD! It’s called Gulp, which was actually shot – get this – on nothing more than a Nokia N8 smartphone! See what you think:

Gulp, Behind the Scenes

Lovely fun! And just when we thought that was the extent of it, we found an incredible follow-up: Gulp: The Making-of.

Here’s the amazing story of how some folks (hundreds of people!) from Sand In Your Eye Art and the Sumo Science at Aardman group made the Gulp video:

Learn About the Artists and Equipment of Gulp

Before we close out today’s feature article, we need to give a few shouts out to the folks who made Gulp possible.

First up, we have the artist group Sand in Your Eye from the U.K., dozens of whom were responsible for painstakingly crafting each scene as the stop-motion animation unfolded. Bravo to Sand in Your Eye! As for the stop-motion aspect and video setup, the group Aardman is to thank. Aardman is one of the early pioneers in stop-motion, with projects like the well-known Wallace and Gromit in their back catalog. And finally, at the risk of giving a conglomerate free advertising, we have to give props to Nokia, the Swedish cell phone company that provided the Nokia N8,  with a 12-megapixel camera, used to make this video.

Lovely stuff here today. There are so many people doing this kind of positive, creative work. Never forget that. You’ll find lots more of these “thought leaders” (from any field you can imagine) here among our articles at EWC.

Thought Leaders on EWC!

I’ve almost completely tuned out the news these days. How about you?

It’s all just too negative. That’s why we’re here. Because after writing 800+ articles to prove it’s still an amazing world (our motto), we know there’s just so much wonder and innovation to celebrate.

Send us your ideas for articles too, and meanwhile, stay open, curious and hopeful.

~ Dr. Lynda


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