Ah, the beach… blue sea, beautiful palm trees, white sands, fish poop…FISH POOP?!?

Yep, that wonderful sand you go home and brag about laying on? You probably have some amazing parrot fish intestines to thank for that! Really!

Is sand fish poop?

So, this may seem a little disgusting, but really, the process makes sense when you understand how the intestines of a parrot fish work, and that what you were lying on wasn’t just fish poo!

Here’s Anna Rothschild with Gross Science (one of my new favorite YouTube Channels) to tell us a little more…

Cool! Gross Science has a ton of great videos like this, so go check them out and make sure to subscribe to them (and us too) get more weird and interesting science knowledge!

Appreciating the beach a little bit more…

And for those that are still a little unsettled by the thought of laying out on a beach of fish poop, next time you find yourself covered in sand, remember the incredible journey those little grains have taken. Oh, and just think how cozy you are to a parrot fish’s innards!

If you want a few more aquatic facts, go check out a great article we wrote about the importance of whales to ecosystems, or a crowd favorite on flying rays! Our oceans have a lot more for us to explore!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!



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