How can wolves radically change rivers? Why do whales have the power to change the composition of the atmosphere? It seems everything’s more connected than we’ve ever realized.

Have you heard of rewilding? This inspiring TED Talk will quickly become one of your favorites as it makes you consider how this concept can make our lives better.

TED is a global platform for ideas worth spreading, and on their site, you can get lost for hours in their content and never look back. In our house, we have two teenagers who have completely given up television for TED talks (on any subject under the sun) and a handful of podcasts that we will introduce you to here on EWC at some point in the future.

In any case, if you have 20 minutes to spare, this adventure is an extraordinary way to spend it!

George Monbiot takes us through a portal to an enchanted kingdom that could be our future and then finishes his TED Talk by bringing us an understanding of our particular role in a world of possibility.

Rewilding will bring you a story of hope.

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I have to tell you that we were amazed at how little information there was on the young rewilding movement on the Internet. In fact, we postponed publishing this article to get more information for our audience. Check out this great article, Should Britain be Rewilded with Wolves, Bears, and Beavers? You can also learn more about rewilding or George Monbiot via the following:

  • For more from George Monbiot, visit his website
  • To learn more about rewilding, go to
  • Or check out Monbiot’s book Feral: Rewilding the Land, the Sea and Human Life on Amazon.
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We also came across another book on the subject called Rewilding the World, but after that, the web seemed amazingly quiet on the topic. Let us know if you find more on this important window of possibility. Really! That’s how we work around here: we are a community, and I frequently dip back into articles to add or subtract after our community has brought their input to a piece.

7 minutes

Rewilding: What if We Had the Giants Back?

Have you heard much about "megafauna," the other giants that roamed the earth after the dinosaurs. It turns out they can teach us a lot about rewilding, a process to recover balance in the natural world.

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Now I’m hoping this wasn’t your first TED Talk, but either way, you can quickly access some of our EWC favorites by clicking here. We feature a TED Talk a couple times each month, so we’ve developed a “category” for the ones that might seem to resonate with almost everyone.

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

Want to see a list of our favorite TED Talks?

Some of you know I’m the founder of Ever Widening Circles, but I am also a dentist. I once had a wonderful young patient (who I’d known as a toddler) contact me asking for some help. He had joined the Army after high school and found himself sitting in Iraq with nothing positive on the horizon in any foreseeable direction and asked for some advice. I sent him a list of 18 TED Talks, curated in a very compelling order. I had arranged them so that his sense of wonder and hope might be ignited slowly and deeply.

Our Favorite TED Talks!

Within a month, he had gone through them all and was sending me others he had discovered himself. He seemed bright as a glowing light bulb in a dark alley. If you know TED, you’ll know what I mean. TED is about a world of possibility.

What if more people were watching these amazing talks and less were spending time on Facebook and reality shows? Maybe we’d all share a better “reality.” Take a look at some of the talk we recommend, and think about it!

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