What if we could interact with 2D storytelling in real time? What if the urban landscape became our theater? What if interaction with each other and strangers could renew our sense of joy and play?

Suaveciclo by Vj Suave

Source: Vj Suave

Today, we share with you the work of an amazing duo Vj Suave. These are two artists answering all these questions in a remarkable way! Armed with projectors mounted on tricycles they are transforming the way people inhabit and interact with the city and their fellow citizens.

Take a look at their piece Suaveciclo:

Via: vjsuave 1

The duo behind this magic is Ygor Marotta and Ceci Soloaga. Together, with the help of their “Suaveciclos” (tricycles with projectors attached to them), they bring projection into the urban fabric to communicate via drawing, animation, and poetry. 2

They currently have four short films, each painting their own messages in brilliant lights and color across the cityscape!

For me, these films serve as a reminder that artistic expression that makes us stop and think often comes as we juxtapose the seemingly rigid lines of reality with the boundless chaos and joy of our own imaginations.

This is the kind of boundless imagination that makes us stop and rethink environments we often take for granted!

If you want to see more ways projection is changing the way we see the world, check out our mind-bending article that brings magic and technology together with a project called “Box.”

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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