We’ve all heard of astronauts, but what about aquanauts?

Florida International University has built Aquarius Reef Base, an underwater research center that allows scientists to live underwater and conduct 2 years of research in 2 weeks!

Aquarius Reef Base

Source: FIU

While researching more about ocean exploration for this article I came across an extraordinary fact. Here’s what one of the world’s most esteemed scientific organizations says about the work yet to be done, right here on our planet:

“The ocean covers 71% of the Earth’s surface and contains 97% of the planet’s water, yet more than 95% of the underwater world remains unexplored.”


So, how do you explore a part of the Earth’s surface covered with an environment that is inhospitable to us?

Here are some people making a dent in that knowledge gap. Check out this video from PBS NOVA!

Via: PBS 2

The Aquarius Reef Base has a great website and its own YouTube Channel where you can check out more about the research being conducted at Aquarius!

For those that want a live view, you can also check out their many Live Cams to see what’s going on under the sea! They are super fascinating but be warned, you might find yourself addicted to their awesome content!

The ocean is an incredible, untapped wealth of discovery. For any aspiring oceanographer or marine biologist, the future for research is almost endless.

If you would like to see another article on the future of underwater exploration check out the Nautilus Live project!

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