If you’re looking for a remarkably moving story of kindness and friendship, then you’re in the right place.Today we bring you the story of Shirley the elephant who, for 20 years, had no other company of her own species. Then one day… well, we want you to watch the video because it’s so extraordinarily.

Image: two small elephants leaning against each other in a calm grassy landscape

Source: Pixabay

In fact, this story touched us so much that we could hardly believe it was legitimate. As we do with all our EWC articles, we did the homework so that you wouldn’t have to.

It turns out, this video was made by ordinary people, like you and I, trying to make the world a little better!

The elephant sanctuary where Shirley found peace is called The Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee and they have a wonderful website and an amazing Facebook page which has almost daily postings about the real lives of the animals and their kind stewards. This video of theirs, produced by argofilms, is a beautiful thing.

See if your day is a little brighter for knowing all this exists:

Via: argofilms 1

Lovely isn’t it?

What if many or most animals have rich emotional lives similar to ours, but they aren’t yet well understood?

Does this next photo of a wonderful elephant sculpture hint at the place we reserve for wildlife in our culture?

Can we do better?

Image: A life-sized elephant sculpture made entirely of TVs

Source: Pixabay

And how about the connection and kindnesses in this video?

The producers of this film have a wonderful mission and many more beautiful film projects that can use your support. Check out more of Argo Films’ brilliant work (it’s really breathtaking stuff) at ArgoFilms.com.

Meanwhile, stay open, curious and hopeful.

~ Dr. Lynda

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