What’s your first impulse when seeing something that doesn’t make sense? Nothing threatening, just something strange and wonderful?

Some people dig in and try to force things to fit their world view. Others have a knack for just going with the flow, regardless of the mental mayhem that might confront them.

Think you know which camp you’re in? Check out this interesting bit of creative work from juusdo’s YouTube channel, based in Finland:

Via: juusdo 1

Some crazy under ice views from the beautiful lake Saarijärvi in Vaala, Finland. Interesting, huh? A nice little piece of creativity to leave us with a little wonder.

Good enough?

Well, if you can just leave our piece today right here without knowing how to explain what you were seeing, then I guess you are in the “go with the flow” camp.

But if you need an explanation, then you know who you are.

Don’t feel bad, I’m a citizen artist and I was certain that I was in the go with the flow camp. But, alas, I had to dig around to find out just exactly what’s going on in that video. It turns out that the creators were after the whole messy world that would be created when the camera and the subjects were filmed upside down, under the ice in a beautiful, clear Finnish lake!

The thick wetsuits are filled with buoyant air to essentially press the diver against the ice. And all that pouring out of things? Well, that’s actually air trapped in the upside-down bucket and wheelbarrow, so what they are pouring out is just air. The wheelbarrow and the balloon look like they are rising, but they are actually falling down into the depths. Have I confused you?

Try watching the video upside down, and your worldview will be somewhat restored. Not entirely, though. You’ll still have to make sense of some new elements that don’t fit your expectations from that angle too! Try it! (Come on, there’s not enough fun in the world!)

Image: River stones covered in ice in Finland

Source: Island Joe // Flickr

And, if you want to see a little more fun with a recent, similarly unusual twist, check out our article about Beyonce’s latest collaboration music video. Again, even if you aren’t a fan, take a look. It will be mesmerizing for the same reason this video is, only with a twist.

Lovely strange and wonderful creativity here today folks. Reminds me to stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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