Have you ever noticed how certain music pieces have the power to bring a private story to your mind’s eye?

If you’re like me, music can transport you to states of mind that seem to be on the verge of involving all the senses. It’s a lovely thing, especially when it happens unexpectedly. No doubt about it, music can be like a magic carpet.

If you are still open and curious, you’ll know the best music, of any genre, because it seems to cut right through the boundaries of personal taste.

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Source: Dr. Lynda

Today’s extraordinary video from BeckVEVO will send you on a little journey of your own, even if you’ve never heard the song before, and even if you don’t like Beck or Bowie. There’s something very strange and wonderful going on with this performance. And the best part: it’s not something you’ll passively watch. If you can, go get a pair of earphones, you might enter into the video. Really!

Now take a moment to get some earphones – it’s key to the experience – and have some fun letting your mind play with this piece!

I listened twice: first, my eyes closed without watching the video, so I could let my mind’s eye create its story. Then I listened a second time to see how this kind of creative process came to be. Enjoy:

Via: BeckVEVO 1

Remarkable! Hope you put on your earphones. I didn’t the first time I saw this and I was still fascinated, but I didn’t “get it”.

It was sent to us by a great friend to EWC, Will, of Burlington, Vermont. Months went by and I hadn’t shared this piece with the world here on Ever Widening Circles, but thankfully Will later reminded me to take a second look, so I dove back in properly equipped.

Wow! What a great find! Will is a professional musician and he also runs the show at our new web-development company, USM Interactive. He and his team created the website you are now looking at. We thank them for their creative sparks in all directions!

Image: Beck on stage in Sound and Vision, Sound and Vision When Bowie and Beck Combine

Source: Road Tovr

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Meanwhile, stay open, curious and hopeful. See you tomorrow with another extraordinary web-find.

~ Dr. Lynda


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