Morgan Spurlock has spent much of his professional life diving into the heart of perilous situations, so he can examine and share their complexities with us in a compelling way.

Today we share his humorous and head-shakingly insightful TED Talk about one of his most difficult 30 days.

Morgan has intentionally gone to prison for 30 days. He’s worked in a coal mine for a month. He’s spent time in a war zone and spent 30 frightening days eating only fast food. He puts himself in terrible situations with regularity but admits that nothing he’s done prepared him for the challenge of diving into the bizarre world of how branding and marketing try to influence us.

Why should we care? I think you’ll know after you watch this TED talk. This has some fun cringe moments and is a real eye-opener. Take a look!

Via: TED-Ed 1

Hmm, an interesting window into a world that is bombarding us all day, every day.

Could be discouraging, but I suspect we are in the middle of a seed change.

Have you noticed a change in your TV watching habits, and, therefore, your vastly reduced consumption of TV commercials? And then there is the power of social media to spread the word about good things, or conversely, expose products and services that don’t live up to their marketing promises.

How about the use of ad-block? My frustration with all the bizarre advertising pop-ups on the internet was one of the things that drove me to create this website. If Ever Widening Circles ever has a “sponsor”, they will be tastefully featured in our right-hand column, so you can see who has the good-will to embrace our project as a positive place for change.

On EWC, we will never become this:

Image: Morgan Spurlock covered in advertising

Source: Radio Times

I think we’ve all had just about enough of having products “placed”, no; forced, in front of us. In fact, I suspect we may be on the edge of a revolution in advertising that might even be positive in two ways. First, with the changes I just mentioned, “quality” might actually be starting to trump smoke and mirrors advertising. Second, more and more advertisers are using innovation to entertain and enlighten us, while featuring their products in a great light.

Here are two examples of fun articles we’ve written on the subject of positive branding and a new kind of marketing:

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What’s your brand? I loved that question. Are you an up-attribute? Something to think about!

And what about our branding here at We are out to demonstrate that this is still an amazing world (our motto).

If you are a regular visitor to this website, the nicest place on the internet, you know we are all about asking better questions that inspire.

Morgan Spurlock seems to do that with exquisite, and compelling balance. You can find his work all over the web. He’s one of the best correspondents doing quick, insightful fun on CNN. You can find many of those shorts on YouTube.  And his Netflix movie/documentaries are amazing.

Meanwhile, I’m off to search for more thought leaders for tomorrow’s EWC article. Take a few minutes to look around at our articles about people doing great things around the globe. You will love the two article I referred to a moment ago, or you can scroll down here and see 6 photo tiles from related articles that are great!

We’ve published once daily for the past year, so there is plenty to transform your worldview and put a spring in your step about all that is possible.

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda


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