Yes, you read that right. Diapers. They’re helping us understand one of the most complicated systems of the body!

Scientists at MIT have discovered a new way of taking a deeper look into the brain using the absorbent material found in diapers! Take a look at this awesome video from PBS NOVA

Via: PBS 1

Call me a nerd, but this is fascinating!

As the video pointed out, there are many other ways of looking into the human brain. This one may move us into new ways of understanding frightening conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Imagine how this discovery might help us study things on a neuron by neuron level.

Image: Colorful digital image of the human brain, sort of looks like the brain is painted

Source: NOVA


Very often these images are beautiful (not to mention fun to interact with). On the NOVA site, they have a rather interesting interactive where you can play around with many of these different imaging types! If you have the time today, you should check it out!

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Maybe, like me, you might consider learning a little more about the human brain and how it works as a new hobby!

Perhaps what I love most about our video today and the world of neurosciences is how scientists are expanding possibilities. As narrator and producer Ari Daniel said in the video:

“The possibility of coming right up to the edge of what is known and seeing past it.” 2

We hope to be doing that here at EWC too!

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