Today EverWideningCircles.com is beginning a journey to change the dialogue about our world. Many of us know it is not overwhelmingly hopeless. There is still plenty of innovation, beauty and wonder out there.

Here at EWC we will publish one article each day to remind us all that this is still an amazing world. Join us as we also begin changing our shared futures with that message!

(Update: We do an article every other day now instead of daily, as we’ve got lots of other exciting things happening now too!)

Today we kick off the EWC project with one of the most breathtaking TED Talks that you will ever watch. You can read our story, but in a nutshell: our aim is to become the polar opposite of the relentlessly negative 24-hour news cycle and this TED Talk fits that mission perfectly

Today’s video-share demonstrates that there are some things that almost every one of us could agree upon, and a common chord runs through most. Someone else can do the polarizing stories. We will bring you innovation and wonder.

Enshrined in our mission is the guarantee of no agenda, no affiliations, and no bizarre advertising.

We are just ordinary people who are coming together to share positive, fact-checked content about extraordinary thought leaders, beautiful places, science, sports, art, music, technology, dance, animals, and all the amazing things that are happening.

Now let’s get to this TED Talk because we feel that it most represents the mission of Ever Widening Circles, in every beautiful image and every inspiring sentence.

Enjoy photographer Louie Schwartzberg’s work through this TED Talk as the first of many steps we hope you’ll take with EWC in the future…

Via: TEDx 1

Just by visiting here, you are changing the world a little!

We are all “voting” with our clicks these days and as we each choose more smart, insightful web content, it will not go unnoticed.

That said, please feel free to look around the website and enjoy more of the positive innovations we are featuring. Most are going un-celebrated in the mainstream media. And let us know what we can improve. You are all official “guest curators” of EWC.

And please, by all means, send us some links to things you feel everyone should see but might be missed by most.

You can write for us too! As this project grows, our hope is that it grows organically into a place where guest writers flourish. Contact us if you’ve got the time and passion for writing!

Maybe we can change the world by becoming a place where people everywhere can come together around possibility and happiness. I’m thinking that is something that connects us all.

Stay open, curious and hopeful.

~ Dr. Lynda, Dr. Chuck, and Liesl

(Update: we wrote another article about us, our conception, and our mission!)

6 minutes

“I Live My Life in (Ever) Widening Circles”

Have you ever wondered where we got the phrase for our site, "Ever Widening Circles?" Dr. Lynda explains the inspiration and as a bonus reads the poem aloud in tonight's grab bag feature.

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