The most beautiful artwork speaks for itself.

This could not be more true of producer Naughty Boy’s new music video for the song Runnin’ (Lose It All) with vocals by Beyonce and Arrow Benjamin. Watch the free divers in the Beyonce video and sit back, soak up this music video in all of its sonic and visual wonder, and then we will show you a little about how it was made…

Though I could pontificate about the haunting, soulful beauty of Beyoncé’s vocals in this video, of course, the divers steal the show.

As I watched, I just kept saying to myself “How did they do that?!” “This can’t be real!” “What is happening?” But as it turns out it was real, and the female diver is… a dentist! (I guess a lot of dentists have fascinating hobbies…Dr. Lynda, the founder of this website, is a dentist!).

The video was filmed in French Polynesia, and starred world champion free divers Alice Modolo and Guillaume Néry. What’s “Free Diving?” I had no idea there was a world of extraordinary people showing us the possibilities there.

Next, jump over to our article on Free Diving to learn about three more people like Alice and Guillaume and the inspiring details of this sport.

55 minutes

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It might even crack the door open on letting go some of your own limitations! And you will definitely look at the Beyonce music video with even more wonder and insight!

Modolo was recently interviewed by Cosmopolitan Magazine where she details her experience on the shoot, and what it was like diving in jeans without weights!

About the shoot she says:

My family is so happy to see me. Sometimes they didn’t understand why I love diving so much and now they understand why. It’s difficult to explain, but with this video, you can feel the emotion that we feel when we dive. They understand now why it is so important to me. There are not a lot of people who can do this type of project. This gives it a spotlight. 2

To read her full interview and learn a little more about the magic that went into the video you can read it here.

The other reason we love this music video so much is that it reminds us that there is a world of things the media is not reporting on: extraordinary insights, places, innovations and people leading us forward. This particular music video should get some press because of the wonder of how it was possible to produce.

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