What’s one of the coolest jobs you can imagine?

What if you could take the stress of your current job and trade it all away for a job caring for pandas, or perhaps baby cheetahs? What would it be like to be paid to nurture and care for sea otters? Well, this article is about an otter adoption story.

Let’s get to know one of the cutest, most amazing creatures on our blue planet and their caregivers:

Lovely smile material there. Thanks to It’s Okay to be Smart, written and hosted by Joe Hanson, Ph.D. We at EWC just love his work!

When this link was sent to us by an Ever Widening Circles fan, I was so surprised that EWC hadn’t featured an article on these important and remarkable creatures yet. You may know we have hundreds and hundreds of articles that bring you insights about every subject under the sun, all positive, all prove this is still an amazing world. After you see the rest of today’s video shares, I’m sure you’ll agree that caring for otters proves that motto of ours.

Now take a few more minutes to just be “present” with these beautiful animals and people. Here, brought to us by BBC One, is another amazing window into the world of the people who are working to preserve these key creatures:

Via: BBC  2

Here’s a little more ottery wonder from Nature on PBS!

And since there is not enough fun in the world, more from Nature on PBS!

Here’s more about that last video. The creators say:

Sea otters cannot even swim on their own when they are born. Watch the full episode: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/episod… In the wild, a mother otter takes her pup everywhere to protect and educate her baby http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature “Saving Otter 501” aired Oct. 16, 2013 on PBS. 5

I’ve seen both those longer episodes and they are extraordinary. Take some time with them if you need an even higher high!

So there’s a terrific breath of fresh air from a little-known wonder of our world. Remember that the people who are caring for these remarkable creatures have some very tough days when their efforts are dashed by the ignorance of others or simply bad luck. And yet they carry on, because they’ve found meaning and purpose when they take a long look at their chosen life’s work.

Maybe your job or mine can be stressful, but if we take the long look, we can still say we are doing work that makes the world a little better place.

That’s our goal at Ever Widening Circles. You can count on us for smart, positive news on every subject under the sun!

Stay open, curious and hopeful.

~ Dr. Lynda

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