One Teenager, Changing the World for Many

Posted on September 14, 2015 by Dr. Lynda

At age 14, Easton LaChappelle met a 7-year-old girl who had a prosthetic arm. The limb could only open and close, and yet it cost $80,000. He thought he could do better, and do it for under $1,000. He set to work in his bedroom, and later the family garage. 3D printing of prosthetic arms became an affordable reality.

Image: teen Easton LaChapplle and his homemade robotic arm

In less than 3 years, he was making a prototype limb for under $500 that was actually interfacing with the nervous system of its owner.

What’s more, he is only doing this to make the world a better place! He could have made millions on his discoveries thus far, but instead, he releases all his intellectual property to the world by making them open sourced!

At age 19 he founded Unlimited Tomorrow, a company with the aim to make affordable yet extraordinary robotic limbs. Take a look at what youth can do when they are left to follow their passions:

 Bonus: A TED Talk by Easton! He is so authentic: funny, nervous, passionate. What a delight. Take a look if you have a few more minutes.

Video Source: TEDx Talks  2

Great stuff! Lovely to see a future “thought leader” just getting started. And it does rekindle the flame of hope a bit.

Keep reminding yourself that the negative 24-hour news cycle is only showing us the dramatic dramas of the “outliers”.

That said, you can count on to bring you a refreshing, positive story like this every day. We are reaching 190+ countries now and building a global community around the fact there is still plenty of good news to share. Take a look at the diversity of the wonder our articles reveal:

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Meanwhile, stay open, curious, and hopeful!

~Dr. Lynda