Can Fun Genius Help Us Do the Right Thing?

Posted on August 24, 2015 by Dr. Lynda

We humans can be complex: we know the statistics on seat belt use, and yet we don’t always use them. We know the risks of smoking and yet we light up. We know we could pay the ultimate price, but we text while driving anyway.

What does it take to get us to do the right thing? What does it take to inspire us to stop and listen to something that could save our lives?

One word: creativity.

Image: Men in black

Creativity: It’s the wellspring of tens & thousand of years of human advancement. Someone thought of something old, in a new way, and it’s so compelling that we can’t resist the upgrade.

Nothing proves this point quite like the Air New Zealand’s latest in-flight safety videos. They’ve found a way to entertain, have some fun, AND inspire us to learn about the safety features we need in the even of an emergency.

For the first video we point you to, they called upon some very special Men In Black to brief their passengers and we’re #CrazyAboutRugby.

Take a look at what we can only hope is the future of safety:

Fun!.. I think I’d watch that repeatedly, now and then!

Here’s what Air New Zealand posts with the video:

“Created in partnership with Sony Pictures, the All Blacks take on a new challenge. Buckle up as our boys in black take you through the ins and outs of safety with the help of Stan Walker, Rip Torn and Frank the Pug. Plus, keep an eye out for some inter-galactic rugby cameos from David Campese, Martin Johnson and Agustin Pichot.” 2

If you’d like to learn a little more about that one click here.

Now if Men In Black is not your bag, how about a little safety journey with The Hobbit? Take a look at this fun little bit of genius:

More fun from a completely different angle. Still totally compelling and hopeful.

Applause to Air New Zealand. We at EWC look forward to the new genre of safety videos this might inspire! Our hope is that the viral success of these pieces will move other media innovators to expand their own work.

That’s where our mindset for the potential of the web comes from. Welcome to We are the polar opposite of the negative 24-hour news cycle. Stop by now and then to see articles like this that remind us this is still an amazing world. (Our motto.)

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After dipping into a couple of our articles each week, you will be reassured that this is still an amazing world. (our motto) People all over the planet are doing the most amazing, innovative things, and the EWC community shares links to good news here.

Meanwhile, stay open, curious and hopeful.


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~ Dr. Lynda