The Inner Beauty of Landscape

Posted on August 14, 2015 by Dr. Lynda

I am sorry to admit that until I came upon the podcasts by On Being we are sharing with you today, I had not been much of “a thinker”. I was “a doer”! In our family, on a farm, you were measured by how much you could get done in a day.

Image: Working by the tractor
Source: Dr. Lynda Ulrich

I hadn’t read more than a dozen poems in my entire life. I was too busy for philosophy, and the concrete problems right in front of me needed attention. I was just not a philosophy person or a poetry person. 

And then I was lucky enough to come across a weekly podcast at, and the ground below my feet shifted. After the first one I listened to, I was hooked. I started working things out so I could listen to this podcast on Sunday mornings, just like some people leisurely browse the paper and others gracefully enjoy a church service.

“My time” became one hour a week, where I was uninterrupted and taken on a journey outside myself and inside myself at the same time, by the interview on On Being.

Image: On Being logo
Source: ON BEING

Krista Tippett interviews some of the most amazing, quiet people in the world. You are not going to hear about these people on the negative 24-hour news cycle. They are thought leaders in every field who are just going about their business of changing the world for the better, thinking more carefully about our choices, and creating new ways to cope and thrive.

Today, I’d like to share with you the On Being episode that introduced me to the wonder of poetry. I know, I know, you don’t like poetry. That’s what I thought until I heard this podcast. It’s an interview with Irish poet John O’Donohue called The Inner Landscape of Beauty. (You can listen to that by clicking here.)  Just tap PLAY EPISODE to the right of the photo there.

That podcast turned my sense of mystery, philosophy and beauty upside down.

Image: starting into the dunes
Source: Dr. Lynda Ulrich

If you’ve got the time to explore a topic that is an ancient conversation about the human experience, listen to that podcast.

If not, then save it for a time when you feel like you might be emerging into a new phase of life. That’s when the podcast came to me. I was ready to hear the next message, as someone wiser than me once said.

And here’s a good tip: Relax into these podcasts by On Being. Slow down. Truly listen. You won’t understand their value if you are cleaning, scrolling on your phone, or double-tasking somehow. This is private time with yourself. Soak in a hot bath, lay under a tree, sit by some water in the sun. These interview won’t grab you from the outset. They enfold you, like a hammock.

Image: Hickory Lake on Sugar Creek Farm, Atlanta, Illinois, USA
Source: Dr. Lynda Ulrich

In any case, enjoy this new link to a deeper, more meaningful way of looking at the world. They are always positive, and you will always come away uplifted.

Image: Click here to hear Kevin Kling's 'The laughter we grow into' podcast, via
Source: ON BEING

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~ Dr. Lynda