Today on EWC, we share Jason Hawkes’ unique view of our world that certainly fits our mission of demonstrating that the world is still an amazing place.

Jason Hawkes takes aerial photos of the most unusual places.

Image: Aerial Photo of the geometry of a bizarre garden maze

Source: Jason Hawkes

If you are new to EWC ( ) welcome! Join us in a routine celebration of “good news” for a change! If you have all but given up on the negativity of the 24-hour news cycle, you might like to look around here. You can dive in anywhere, start with an article you think you’ll find interesting and then follow my suggested articles at the end. You never know where you’ll come up! But we promise you will be uplifted, inspired and ready to take on the people around you who want to stay in the downward spiral.

Here’s one of Jason Hawkes’ photos that fits nicely at this point:

Image: Aerial photo of an ancient wooden roller coaster

Source: Jason Hawkes

We are not a “news agency” or a corporation. I am Dr. Lynda Ulrich, a life-long world traveler, health professional, artist, and writer. About a year ago, I became overwhelmed by the fear and shame promoted by the news media, so I decided to do something about it. I created this website, started writing and sharing stories of real people that I have carefully researched and fact-checked.

Image: Jason Hawkes ocean of wind energy generators from an aerial perspective

Source: Jason Hawkes

Quite quickly, people from 190 countries were visiting regularly, writing for us, sending photographs and links to great stories.

EWC has had a whirlwind of interest, and now we plan to make this a “global project”.

Already, we have over 150,000 Facebook fans and we get 500 new fans per day from around the globe! We are a community of people who just had enough of the naysayers’ relentless barrage of bad news. We believe there is goodness in most people, creative wonder of ideas, and the possibility that our web community points to.

Image: An aerial photo of a wave

Source: Jason Hawkes

If you take a look around and feel great about our vision, send us your own wonders from the web! That’s how we come across our content!

Now enjoy just one of the hundreds of amazing people we’ve featured: Jason Hawkes… He’s expanding our world in Ever Widening Circles.

Jason has the kind of vision that connects us all in many dimensions. Most remarkably, his talent is giving us a window to our world from above. And oh, what a world that is!

Jason has specialized in aerial photography since 1991, and is based just outside London in the UK, but works worldwide. The videos he published on Vimeo are absolutely stunning. Take a look at a few of his photographs. (I’ve had a grueling day, but after writing this article, I already feel better about things!)

Here’s what I could find out about the man in a BBC interview:

Now head on over to Jason’s website to take your time with his photography. There is so much there.

Use the navigation tool on the left to explore. Soak it in.

Image: Manhattan at night from the air by Jason Hawks

Source: Jason Hawkes

The patterns, the scale, and the color of our world from this perspective are breathtaking. And this tired old world doesn’t seem so bad after all!

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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