We like to celebrate what’s “real” and often right under our noses. What could be better?

Today on EWC we take a break from the “produced” videos of extraordinary people and we go to the streets. I had this idea after running into an amazing street musician in Burlington, Vermont recently and I pondered: who else is out there innovating, bringing smiles of wonder to almost everyone’s face? With all the cellphones in the world trained on the bad things, maybe there are some amazing things happening too!

It didn’t take me even 30 seconds to run into these three short videos to share.

I absolutely love the dead-pan faces of some of the commuters who seemed to be near comatose. And what could be so compelling on their phones that they wouldn’t even look up when someone is doing acrobatics 3 feet away on the train? It’s fun to speculate!

This is hard to explain. Take a look at some amazing subway dancers from YouTube:

Via: 1

And here’s another if you are far from the NYC subways, or are just fascinated by the thought of having this show up on your morning commute!…

Via: 2

Think that’s refreshing and hopeful? Take a look at these wonderful spirits:

Via: 3

There’s so much to love about people with this kind of talent, energy, and pride in their work!

Fun. There’s just not enough of it. And often, we just have to look up from our phones or newspapers long enough to discover it.  I admire these performers for following their passions, despite the folks who won’t crack a smile or stop to appreciate this diverse instinct for possibility.

11 minutes

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For “a good day at the office”, we could all stand a dose of these performers’ inner light. Never mind the naysayers. Even if you can’t do backflips, make room for a playful, positive spirit in your home or workplace!

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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Dr. Lynda is a dentist, artist, global traveler, and philanthropist who looks for potential and shares it with the world. Hear her latest conversations with thought leaders on the Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast--new episodes every Wednesday!