Music is such a beautiful expression of the panoply of the human race.

Some time ago we introduced you to the most amazing guitarist, Luca Stricagnoli, through an article we did called Music’s String Theory. (Take a look at that link too. It’s amazing!)  And in the process, we discovered a fabulous YouTube channel with dozens of other guitar artists under a label called Candyrat Records.

Image: a picture of a Harp Guitar in warped color with the Candyrat records logo in the upper lefthand corner

Source: Muir Woods

There’s some strange and wonderful music happening there, so I’ll give you a few samples today. The variety and beauty of the work is stunning, so spend some time on the Candyrat YouTube channel one evening. I just let it play while I put together some EWC articles tonight and rolled through many of their artists. It was inspiring.


First up, the duo of Calum Graham & Don Ross

Via: Candyrat 1

Next, for something completely different, listen to Acoustic Lab’s version of Stand by Me:

Via: Candyrat 2

Now for something really unusual, here’s Solo Finger Style Guitar by Matteo Gabboto:

Via: Candyrat 3

And here’s another unusual, haunting, rhythmic style of guitar with Antoine Dufour, playing a song called These moments:

Via: Candyrat 4

And lastly, Trevor Gordon Hill playing the Guitar with a Kalimba attached:

Via: Candyrat 5

These are just a few of the unusual artists you’ll find at Candyrat records!

There were also a couple of fellows that played the guitar that looked like it had a second “neck” strung like a harp. Another played while using various wild percussion moves.

Lovely creativity! Have fun checking out the Candyrat Youtube Channel.

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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