We almost take for granted the flutter of a butterfly, the hovering of a bumble bee, or a seagull skimming the surface of the waves, effortlessly.

Flight seems to break all the rules, and there appears to be much more to it than I ever dreamed.

How did the first creatures take flight? And why?

4 minutes

Puffins: Ready for Their Close Up!

How can a plush toy help us capture nature at its best? Here's a whole new look at puffins (the other amazing black and white bird), and how we are filming their lives up-close!

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Today we share with you an amazing video (thanks to a friend of EWC, Greggory Mathew) that brings together the scattered pieces of this puzzling wonder in the animal world. We’ve looked at many other NOVA videos in the past, and will definitely be sharing more like this one in the future. I spent a lazy Sunday morning watching this video and was amazed. Have fun…


 Via: Discovery 1

Fabulous! Thanks again to NOVA for taking us on another journey we could not have gone on without them.

Stay curious, open and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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