From the comforts of our homes, we admire people who step up to insist that justice is served.

It’s really amazing to see ordinary people who rise to the challenges put before them. Today, we learn about the rule of law that exists almost everywhere and the possibilities that arise if we celebrate brave professionals who will stand in defiance of injustice.

Surprisingly, in some of the most dangerous places on the planet, laws are on the books that protect people from each other.

Using laws for their intended purposes – to protect – makes things better for everyone, but sometimes people in power chose to turn a blind eye and bow to outdated traditions that do not serve everyone’s best interests. Rule of law breaks down into chaos. Fear and darkness reign.

But here’s a woman who became the first foreigner to litigate in courts where justice was missing. She is absolutely amazing. This is one of my most favorite TED talks. It’s a bit hard to listen to, but after the storm of emotions, you will be rewarded by the possibility this points to.

Laws do exist everywhere. Here’s a woman who has been willing to step up and force people to use them…

Via: TED 1

Extraordinary! Injustice can be challenged.

Speaking of that: you may know I’m going to be traveling and writing from Tibet for a few weeks (July 10 – 21, 2015.) So if my articles are not daily, or if you are not seeing articles about the beautiful Tibetan people, it’s because the country that invaded them has recently eliminated internet connections there when the Dali Llama took a stand with the Pope to insist we begin to address Climate Change seriously.

This is my last night writing with “passable” but rough internet connections. I’m laying out content for every other day and hope to fill in with articles about Tibet if I find WiFi. Stay tuned. Wish me luck!

Stay open, curious and hopeful (I will!)

~ Dr. Lynda

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