Before there was Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” song, there was the original “Be Happy” song by a genius of musical mastery named Bobby McFerrin.

Bobby has a remarkable range when it comes to creating musical sounds and notes with his voice.

Today we have a remarkable video to show you where Bobby McFerrin takes the stage at the World Science Festival and performs a successful experiment using the audience’s innate instincts for music.

But first a quick look at that song that made Bobby famous. All the sounds you hear are layered into this recording and all are made with Mr. McFerrin’s voice alone.

Hey! I just listened to it again myself through the BarneysMusicIsGood YouTube channel! This song still feels like something to lean on when things are not going so good:

Via 1

Okay… now have a look at this amazing blend of insight from neuroscience and the arts, filmed at and published by the incredible World Science Festival! If it’s ever anywhere near you, we highly recommend it!

Wow! How does that happen in a world where everyone is such an individual, an island unto themselves? Maybe not! Perhaps there are levels of connection between us that we can not even fathom. This throws the doors of possibility wide open!

So what is The World Science Festival? My daughters and I attended last spring when it was in New York. It’s an example of the best in innovation being brought to the public during three days of panel discussions, open to us all, on subjects ranging from HIV research to the argument for parallel universes, from the science behind knowing if rats dream, to the science behind fireworks.

Bobby McFerrin’s work can be considered quite extraordinary from a neuroscience angle.

I’m going to sign off for today, and leave you with the remarkable recording of Bobby McFerrin’s entire World Science Festival presentation. Even if you just have a few minutes, watch some of the beginning of this video and you’ll see a little more genius.

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda


Here’s Bobby McFerrin at length performing and speaking at the World Science Festival about hacking into our brains by showing us the wisdom of the Common Chorus:

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