Simple Ideas Lead to Discovery

Posted on June 25, 2015 by Dr. Lynda

Many of us know Adam Savage as the Myth-buster, and you don’t get that job without being the kind of guy who asks a lot of questions.

Simple questions may be the foundation of some of the most profound discoveries in human history. Today, we’ll get a number of fascinating stories from Adam that demonstrate how often the most profound innovations come from some simple observations.

Take a look at this wonderful 8 minute TED Talk where Adam demonstrates how ordinary people can change the world.

Via: TED-Ed 1

I love that concept that the simplest questions can take you out to the very edges of human knowledge. 

We all start with the same tools – the power of curiosity – and we are all explorers. The people who change the world thought a little longer about things and are a little bit more curious.

Image: red haired woman with magnifying glass

(And what!?… I had to watch this twice to really understand that story about how we knew the world was not flat, 2002 years ago! I gotta go brush up on my history, geography and science! )


I gotta go contemplate some grains of sand.


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Have a great day. Stay curious, open and especially… stay hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda