Have you ever heard that saying, “A society can be measured by how it treats its weakest members”?

We’d like to explore that just a little today through the lens of our sense of compassion for animals. It’s so easy to do nothing sometimes… turn away, think things are hopeless and let someone else take up the challenge. Surely someone will. Right?

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’ve got such compassion for animals that I even care for them in death. I’m the goofy person who will stop for roadkill, no matter how busy and messy, and move it off the road. I just can’t stand to see creatures spend their remaining physical existence as meaningless as, well, roadkill!

Some people just can’t leave the “hopeless” cases to others, and they just won’t give up on an animal, ever. Take a look at a few short videos that point the way to compassion for the weakest among us.

First up, here’s what compassion looks like in a country where many have so little. Necessity can be the mother of invention…

Via: NTDTV 1

Now, take a look at the depth of innovation and compassion that can come from our neighbors, co-workers and ordinary folks,..

Via: SWNS TV 3

This last one…well…who would have thought?

Via: Discovery 5

Great examples of compassion. People are amazing!

Some would say, “why waste all that time and talent on an animal?”

Image: A collage of a young Dr. Lynda and Dr. Chuck holding cute baby animals

The animals in the lives of our founders, Dr. Lynda and Dr. Chuck, have been many and varied. The doctors have been licensed wildlife rehabers for years, taking in baby moose and deer, raccoons, skunks and porcupines. They’ve built most of their family vacations around wildlife adventures. They will tell you all had distinct personalities and made lasting impressions on their care-givers.
Source: Dr. Lynda

It’s a fair question if you don’t have a lot of background in the area of animal intelligence. But after 500+ EWC articles  on positive things – on every topic under the sun – we’ve written 4 or 5 article from thought leaders in animal intelligence research. Check out our Animal Archive!

To put the sentiments in this article in a bright light, check out this other article if you’d like another heartwarming story that demonstrates why compassion should be the first rule when we bring animals into our world!

16 minutes

Elephants Never Forget

Shirley didn't see another elephant for over 20 years, then everything changed. Buckle up for one of the most heartwarming stories you'll hear today!

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Then, if you just want some terrific food for thought, something to lean on when you feel overwhelmed by the size of the problems in this world, the following article will give you a spring in your step. Smart, well-meaning people are everywhere. We can turn our back on the nightly news when they show us some of them more often!

9 minutes

The Starfish Throwers

Even if you've heard the story of The Starfish Thrower, you might want to double back on this. We go beyond the "Wow!" and get to the story of the wonderful way this great idea was amplified by the web.

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Stay open, curious and stay hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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Dr. Lynda is a dentist, artist, global traveler, and philanthropist who looks for potential and shares it with the world.