Abe Davis is seeing things… things that are invisible.

He has pursued the crazy idea of seeing sound. He’s shouting at bags of chips and playing music at potted plants with amazing results, converting things that are perceptively invisible to music and speech. The concept blows the doors wide open on possibility.

This is WAY too hard for me to explain. Best that you experience this yourself! Take a look…


Seeing the invisible, huh? What’s next?

Image: A wooden turntable

Source: Classicalite

Seems to me, the innovators we feature here at Ever Widening Circles – without exception – just moved forward into their crazy ideas without fear of failure. Look at the results!

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22 minutes

DARPA: Removing the Fear of Failure

As you may know, DARPA is one of the leading research and innovation centers in the world. Researcher Regina Dugan explains what happens when the fear of failure is removed from the equation there. Are you holding back on something wonderful, for fear of failure? You won't be after seeing today's featured TED Talk.

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Stay open, curious, and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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