1600 optimistic young people graduated from Harvard today and my daughter was one of them. Why are they so hopeful in the face of all the bad news that the 24-hour news cycle has made the backdrop of their lives?


Source: Dr. Lynda

Why are they so thick skinned and sure of their ability to change the world?

This was supposed to be the spoiled, I’ll get mine generation.

Maybe all negativity in the media has given them a greater sense of urgency, and even some freedom to take some risk.

Maybe they will have a much sharper capacity to “learn, unlearn, and relearn”. They are so much less prone to judgment. They accept things as they are and move on much quicker than we do.

Some of the most famous words to graduates:

It reminded me of the genius that is the short talk Steve Jobs gave at the Stanford University at the 2005 commencement ceremony. He was speaking to graduates at the end of their academic life, but made it clear that learning was not (or should not ) be over.

If you’ve heard this before, listen anew. I just heard if for… probably… the tenth time and I always hear something I needed to hear just now. If you’ve missed it… get a load of this!

Via: Stanford 1

A huge shoutout to Stanford University for that video clip, and can I just say…

Wow…thank you, Mr. Jobs, wherever you are.

After seeing this video, you may know someone who comes to mind, who you think needs it…great!

Image: Dr. Lynda and Liesl

My daughter and I at the beginning of her college years and today!
Source: Dr. Lynda

Steve Jobs’ Stanford speech is a quintessential Ever Widening Circles moment, so be sure to pass it around.

That’s the purpose of the community we are building.

You never know where the ripples of such a gesture will reach, but we do know that this is the unique power of the Internet: passing on one of those rare moments where you find yourself in the presence of someone who, for a shining moment, taps into a stream of brilliance that is accessible to all of us.

Steve Jobs’s Stanford speech still stands as one of those rare moments that might remain sage advice forever, and we’ve found a world of thought leaders out there like him. We strive to highlight them and what they’re doing in an effort to prove that this is, indeed, still an amazing world.

Stay open, curious, and hopeful!

~Dr. Lynda


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