After I saw the TED Talk we are sharing with you today, I just collapsed back into my chair and thought, “what else are we missing because of our preconceived notions?!”

The possibilities are mind-boggling!

There may be unrecognized potential in so many things we consider untouchable.

I suspect this is a powerful self-critique we human beings need to work on if we are ever to get ourselves out of the messes we’ve created. Why not rats and bugs? Why not sewage, seaweed, spiderwebs, etc…?

Image: Rat caregiver and landmine specialist

Source: Discovery


Today’s video-share brings that message to the surface from many angles.

Take the photo above for example. What kinds of feelings does it evoke? After today’s article, you will be transformed and know exactly why this photo is a game-changer for millions of people.

What other problems might rats be perfectly suited for? Turns out, this innovator has discovered yet a second, completely unrelated, heroic role for rats.

If you can’t imagine where I’m going with all this, take a look at the project this thought-leader, Bart Weetjens, has created. As always, we love TED-Ed and all that they do and inspire through their YouTube presence! Head on over to TED-Ed after your time here for more awesome thought-leaders and content.

Via: TED-Ed 1

Amazing, huh?

Now, what else is possible? This throws the doors wide open.

This is more than rats clearing landmines!

This concept demonstrates how important it is when innovators combine the unique alchemy of their personal passions and experiences. In today’s video, we had a fellow who loved and understood rodents, had an engineering mindset, and some connection to Africa.

The perfect blend for this problem.

6 minutes

Can Rats Make us Be Better People?

Rats get a bum rap, but they may have something to teach us when it comes to solving problems more effectively. Here's what we can learn from rats!

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That said, be sure to nurture your own unique passions, and those of the young people around you, no matter how unusual they might be. I tell all beginning college students to come out of the education pipeline with at least two, if not three expertise that will make them the most unique job applicant in the pile. It’s not enough to be one in thousands of A-B students with a business, art or sports management degree.

You need to have a couple of things that feed your soul and give you an indispensable role where ever you work.

When we weave together our passions, they can make us exquisitely well-suited for a specific niche in this world. Perhaps one that doesn’t even exist yet!

That’s it for today! Stay open, stay curious and stay hopeful!

~Dr. Lynda

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