We immediately felt lucky when we opened an email from our EWC contact us page and found the following photo:

A tingling on the back of my neck told me this was going to be interesting, and that sensation rarely fails me. Then I found a few other telling photos…

Image: Lucky Iron Fish if a quantity

Source: DOGO News

Image: Scrap metal to lucky iron fish

Source: DW

Some of you know my daughter and I are also artists who build enormous sculptures with scrap metal, so that last photo was speaking our language…but little metal fish?

How could something so simple be demonstrating this is still an amazing world? Take a look at this YouTube video from their website, Lucky Iron Fish, and then go check out the website itself! They’re doing amazing things, so let’s give them all the love and support that we can.

Two to three billion people – a third of the world’s population – can have their lives changed by this elementary yet ingenious concept! How many more ideas are there, just waiting to bubble to the surface in some “thought leader’s” beautiful mind?

And how does this sort of insight start? Here’s another video from their awesome website which talks more about the origin of this solution to a global problem:

Terrific news, huh?

Better than anything I’ll see in the 24-hour news cycle today!

Our thanks go out to a friend to EWC – Nancy Shaw of Franklin County Vermont – for sharing this fantastic idea with our growing global community.

Image: Iron Fish in soup

Source: Dogo News

Contact us if you know about some remarkable or inspiring people or ideas. We fact-check everything relentlessly, research the back story and publish one article every other day – on anything under the sun – to prove this is still an amazing world!

To get to the website for Lucky Iron Fish, click here.

Thanks for joining us. Stay open, stay curious and stay hopeful.

~Dr. Lynda


If you’d like to see the man behind this Iron Fish initiative, speaking on the TED stage (shoutout to TED for the incredible things they do, as always!), but we’ll leave you with his talk!

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