Does the term “augmented reality” thrill you and inspire hope, or is it a term that elicits a “ho-hum” feeling with a mixture of broken promises? We will show you the future today.

Image: Marco Tempest on TED stage

Source: TED

We do seem to be edging closer to the brink of seeing augmented reality become a real reality:

Let’s allow Mr. Marco Tempest to show us the edges of possibility.

As always, we love a good TED Talk like this one! They’re great, so after you’re done with us go show TED some love! Start here with this one, and be sure you’re sitting down…it just blew me away!

Via: TED 1

Want to learn more about the New York Magic Show winner and MIT Media Lab’s Marco Tempest? Click here to check out his bio on! You can learn more about the future of augmented reality on Venture Beat in their “5 Reasons to Get Excited About Augmented Reality” by clicking here.

I think I’ll remain firmly in the “hopeful” category of people on the subject of Augmented Reality. As is always the case, we can barely glimpse what is over the horizon.

-Andrew Verderber

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