Have you heard about the many discussions these days regarding the importance of teaching children to write computer code? The thought is that in our information age, coding is the new language of communication.

Just as in spoken language, we have to listen and speak well. Surfing the web is like listening, while writing computer code is akin to speaking in this information age.

Many experts will go so far as to point out that in almost all careers of the future, knowing how to code will be power.

So, how could your life be different now if you knew how to code?

Ten years ago, I never dreamed I would start a huge website publishing good news each day, and now I’ve got 180,000 Facebook fans, and a smart, positive global community counting on me! Who knew?

Now really, take a moment to stop to consider it: how would your life be different now if you knew how to code?

Would you have something unique to offer in your work environment if you knew coding?

What could you do for the charity, church, or school you support?

Do you have a passion that you might share with the world if you could create your own website?

If you could code a decade ago (when it was an even rarer skill), you’d be a master by now. How would your life look different?

It can be an interesting mental exercise if you think about it.

The other night while I was turning this over in my mind, I stumbled across this amazing story produced by CNN and found on their YouTube channel

Via: CNN 1

Hmmm? Now the notion of coding as a common language and a source of personal power is even more compelling!

17 minutes

Kimberly Bryant: Black Girls Code

Who do you picture when you think of a computer programmer, game designer, IT professional? Not a woman of color? Let Kimberly Bryant inspire you!

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If today’s video-share has sparked your curiosity for yourself or a friend, check out a website that comes highly recommended by a Canadian technology guru. See what you think and let us know!

Also, one of our favorite free online learning ventures – The Kahn Academy – has a number of amazing courses in a succession learning format. Don’t know about Kahn Academy? You’ll be amazed at the story!

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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