Dare to Disagree

Posted on April 25, 2015 by Dr. Lynda

Have you noticed how we really prefer people who think like we do? What does that do for the creative process or problem-solving? Can our conversations, social relationships and work groups become echo chambers?

Image: Dare to Disagree

What if our best choice for a thinking partner is someone who is very different from ourselves; someone who will try to prove us wrong?

This turns collaboration on its head.

The TED Talk we share today points to the need for entirely new skills surrounding conflict. Youch! Conflict. Is that something you avoid like the plague? This TED Talk completely changed our perspective on that.

Take a look at Margaret Heffernan’s Dare to Disagree…

Via: TED 1

The truth won’t set of free until we develop the courage to use it! – Margaret Heffernan

Lovely new thought on who we collaborate with! Maybe we should make our enemies our friends if we are to progress!?

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Stay open, curious, and hopeful!

~Dr. Lynda