In our home, we have sports lovers, science lovers, and art lovers. If left to our own, we would all gravitate to our cozy spots to curl up with a laptop and dive into our passions.

But sometimes, one of us will come across something that brings us running into the kitchen, bursting to share an extraordinary find.

Myself, I’m a sports guy. I was captain of the University of Kentucky Basketball team in 1981 and 1982, so I have a pretty good idea of how much mastery it takes to finely tune your own movement in sync with others. When I came across the web-find we are sharing with you today, I was bowled over by the precision and athleticism in the following videos.

It takes a minute to realize what is happening.

You’ll think what’s going on is something for the science/nature lovers, but look closer and you’ll realize it’s art and sports on some level! Take a look at Johannes Stötter’s impressive creations via her awesome YouTube channel!

Art, Science, and Sport

At some level, when people make their bodies do something like this, art crosses over into sport, or dance! Take a look at another extraordinary thing from the same awesome channel!

The artist’s work you are looking at is Johannes Stötter. He specializes in body-painting and as you can see, he branches off into the edges of that too!

Take a look at more still photos of his stunning work… There’s a whole person in all but two of these photos. Two are just a person’s head. See if you can find them.




Stötter’s range of work is really amazing. All those images come from his gallery on his website. You must visit to see more!

Just as Johannes takes us to places where our minds are challenged a bit, we have 600 other articles that feature thought-leaders in unusual fields of work all over the world.

Stay open, curious, and hopeful!

~ Dr. Chuck

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Dr. Chuck is our CFO--Chief Fun Officer--at Ever Widening Circles. He and Dr. Lynda are dentists in and practice together at Fiddlehead Dental in Northern Vermont.