Music is like art in the way our affections are so personal; one person’s trash might feed the soul of another.

Though once in a great while, a unique spark of insight moves through the artist’s hands and they tap into a common chord that will strike most of us as genius. Today we share the work of a musician who probably fits that description.

The following is a new, young writer’s piece for EWC. Christopher Hartigan shares the story of Luca Stricagnoli with us. First, let’s start with the video-share of the Candyrat Records video that got both Christopher and I interested in this remarkable talent…

Extraordinary, huh?

Now here’s more details and music brought to us by Christopher Hartigan…

Music’s String Theory

In our world of overproduced pop tunes with pitch-corrected vocals, one need not be talented to get noticed. Often youth, beauty or the times take precedence over musical abilities. This is not to say that many current stars lack talent, but there is a lot that happens during post-production that many are not aware of.

To the casual listener, it is easy to say, “This is a really good song,” but to truly grasp the talent held by some musicians today, one must see them play.

A prime example of this lies in the hands—and perhaps the very soul—of 23-year-old Luca Stricagnoli.

Last week, I was lucky enough to have that video pass through my news feed. I’ve been a musician for over twenty years and I understand the struggle, so when I see budding artists’ videos, I am more than happy to press play. I was immediately captivated. Using a special capo, and incorporating impressive finger-style and two-hand-tapping techniques, Luca performs a cover of classic rock megastars, AC/DC’s, “Thunderstruck.” It’s received close to 2,000,000 views, and I’m sure that will become a trend with this amazing fellow.

Image: Luca Stricangnoli

Source: Paolo Pulga // Flickr

This young musician does more than simply play. With two hands and one guitar, Luca plucks the lead guitar parts, and he strums the rhythm guitar parts. He frets the vocal melody with his right hand, and he even switches back and forth between hands to slap and tap the drum patterns on the body of the guitar. I rarely have the opportunity to behold this style of guitar wizardry; the last time was in Washington, D.C., in 2002, in the back of a Johnny Rocket’s restaurant, and I never forgot it.

Next up we will share with you the style he became famous for. It’s called lap-tapping. Take a look at the incredible video posted by Candyrat Records

Luca was born in Varese, Italy, where he began playing guitar at around ten years old. His natural talent with the guitar has led him to many awards and a recording contract with the independent label, Candyrat Records. He has a personal YouTube channel that is rather modest, having around 4,000 subscribers and only a couple of videos—although the videos have nearly 200,000 views—but more videos can be found at Candyrat’s channel.

Here’s another video from Candyrat’s channel that shows the scope of Luca’s talents with him playing other instruments while still playing the guitar! This is his version of Braveheart!

You can also make your way to his Facebook page, subscribe or visit his YouTube channels, and be sure to look for more positive messages from Ever Widening Circles!

– Christopher Hartigan

Today’s article was written by a young guest writer Christopher Hartigan. He’s studying, writing, playing his own music in Florida and may share his perspectives and web-finds here more often! Thanks, Christopher!

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