There are people who make the world a better place by following a calling. Today we will meet one who is using compassion and authenticity to move gang members off the streets and into a bakery.

We don’t need to say much about Father Greg Boyle in L.A. He’s a public figure, revered and respected, a Jesuit priest who works with gang members in Los Angeles to help them find value and a place for their talents in a business called Homeboy Industries.

The project is the largest response to gang reform in our country!

We’d like to point you to an amazing podcast from On Being that might expand all our worldviews about gangs, peace-making, service to others and kinship!

[Don’t miss this because you think the religious aspect of this talk is not your bag! That is only a tiny part of a much bigger, brighter message.]

The podcast is called: The Calling of Delight: Gangs, Service, and Kinship

Get a favorite beverage, find a comfy chair and enjoy this funny, insightful and expanding interview from On Being with Father Boyle! He’s a remarkable story-teller.

Via: On Being 1

I love his point about community and compassion,

“Instead of standing in fear and judgment of how others carry their burdens, can we learn to stand in awe of the burden they are carrying?” – Father Greg Boyle

What about the fact that by helping others, we return to our true self.

That’s a powerful statement to consider. Maybe that’s why so many of us volunteer and participate in efforts to help others. It brings us closer to ourselves!

To check out Homeboy Industries, click here.

If you know about people like this who are out there defying stereotypes, reaching past first impressions, and being spacious about what is possible, let us know about them! We will share their story with the world.

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~ Dr. Lynda

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