Once in a while, the team here at EWC stumbles upon an ordinary person who has such an extraordinary passion that we are compelled to dig into the backstory. It’s like unwrapping a gift with many layers of surprises!

Many of those are so fascinating and well told in a video that we do not have to write much.

Today we’ll meet Alex Honnold, a world-class climber who is pushing the limits of humanity!

No Safety Net: Why Should We Care?

Keep in mind that every time we feature people who are doing things that seem impossible, it pushes back the envelope of possibility for all of us.

I watched the next video thinking about my own “rock walls.” When you face yours, maybe this story has some lessons about preparation, avoiding fear, trusting others who have your back, etc. Now check out the piece, done by 60 minutes. We thought we could not top it. Enjoy!

Via: CBS News 1

Might be a good piece to watch with some young people who could use a dose of possibility.

BONUS: (enjoy this next video too! It’s an amazing window behind the scenes!)

Here’s a really entertaining conversation with Alex and two other world-class climbers: their many funny, FUNNY stories involving their mishaps, bandits, facing their fears and the back story to how these climbing videos are produced.

It’s really fun to see the dynamics between these people!

So the next time you find yourself facing something that feels like a 1000 foot rock wall, remember the sense of humor, the planning and the emotional calm it takes to do what we saw today.

Stay curious, open and optimistic!

~ Dr. Lynda

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