What do you think of when you hear the word “Wilderness”? Fortunately, we can get a glimpse today of its unimaginable inspiration and potential to expand us all.

Once upon the time, everything in the world was wild. Humans were wild too.

We didn’t perceive any separation between ourselves and the plants, animals, and other beings who provided us with food, clothing, fuel, inspiration, and so much more.

But, somehow, things changed. 1

Image: Okavango Delta

Source: INKtalks

That was a lovely quote by a new, young blogger named Heather M. Mingo. It’s so appropriate for our video-share today.

Some of us can picture vast forests, mountains, shorelines that look like they have for thousands of years. But does that really exist in any meaningful way anymore?

17 minutes

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Today we introduce you to Steve Boyes, a biologist for National Geographic, and we allow him to transform our perception of “wild”.

This is a breathtaking piece brought to our attention by Colleen of Redwood City, California.

In her email she simply said,

“I work in the technology wilderness of Silicon Valley. This video changed me by introducing me to the “Bill Gates” of an African wilderness. After seeing this and learning how the technology I work with can improve things, I got involved. Maybe your community will be inspired too.”

Here’s one of many incredible INKTalks from Steve Boyes explaining what she was talking about:

Via: INKtalks 2

Well, folks… that sentiment is what Ever Widening Circles was created for! There is still so much to celebrate in our world, despite what the negative 24-hour news cycle might tell us.

Hope still remains for wilderness places like this one place called the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Colleen was right! The technology in this piece is fascinating and promising too!

I hope Thoreau was right:

“In wildness is the preservation of humankind.” -Henry David Thoreau


Stay open, curious and optimistic.

~ Dr. Lynda

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