At Ever Widening Circles, we like to say that we publish one article every day – on any subject under the sun – to remind people that the world is still an amazing place.

Today’s video share fits that bill in an extraordinary, oblique way: it may change what kinds of things we all click on when browsing the Internet.

If it also causes us all to be more reflective before we share in negative social movements and judge others, that could be a good thing too!

And the speaker today? This is someone I never, ever thought I’d be featuring: Monica Lewinsky.

I must confess, for 17 years, I thought I knew all I needed to know about her story. Boy, was I wrong.

I saw this video last night and had to share it here immediately. Before you pass on this, know that there are no politics in this presentation, and the story is not about President Clinton or an attempt to vindicate her actions. This is really interesting.

She brings us an entirely new angle on life, the experiences of youth and the way our culture seems to nurture things we should consider more carefully.

Monica’s talk is refreshing in its candor and remarkable in the way she connects her story to the 23-year-old in all of us.

Are we stuck in a culture of humiliation? Please let Monica Lewinsky (now 41 years old) bend our notions a little. Take a look at her TED Talk and see what you think…

Via: TED 1

Wait!… I don’t think of myself as having negative biases that are shame-based. How about you? That’s what other people do, isn’t it?

Or, maybe we are all furthering this shame-based culture she refers to? When we “like” or “share” things that humiliate others, or when we applaud the town clerk for publishing the name of people who are delinquent on taxes, or when we join in the bashing of some fallen public hero.

I’m going to be a lot more thoughtful about those moves after seeing this TED Talk!

Perhaps one less click at a time we can work away from our shame-based media?  Let’s consider the price of shame.

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

Our thanks goes out today to a respected friend of mine – Tammy P. of Underhill, Vermont – for sharing this video with us today.

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