You may never see anything on the stage as unusual as this, and I’m not sure I can even preface it sufficiently except to say this:

Take nine minutes today to check out the following group called Stomp, and see what you think about rhythm performances!

Image: Stomp performance with all performers holding brooms

Source: Broadway Box

Have you heard of this strange and wonderful percussion performance? They use ordinary object and their bodies to hammer out complex and fascinating rhythms.

The scope of their work has remained so fresh for more than twenty years, that a single ticket to a Stomp performance goes for $50 to $100.

Here’s a sample of why these thought-leaders have remained so popular:

Stomp Presents: Brooms

Via: tonynsyde 1

The History of Stomp Performance

A Brief History of Stomp

Stomp is a percussion performance group that started out in Brighton, England in 1991 and became famous for using the body and ordinary objects to create a physical percussion performance. Their success was swift. By 1994 they were touring the U.S. and elsewhere in the world and by 1997 they had won 4 Emmy Awards. After that the trajectory was stellar with performances at the Millennium celebrations for President Clinton, then a Sesame Street special and eventually an IMAX movie. 2

In 2007, Stomp Out Loud opened in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA), performing inside a $28 million theater specifically created for the production. In August 2012, Stomp was included in the 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony in London. Pretty good for a bunch of people banging on trash cans and stomping their work boots! 3

Here at Ever Widening Circles, we just love Stomp, not only because of their raucous, entertaining sound but because they’re yet another example of the power of creativity and bringing together elements that no one else had ever thought to combine.

Have a great day! Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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