Have you ever looked at something moving ultra-fast – like an everyday electric fan, for example – and wondered why it looks like a blur?

Image: Bullet through Apple

Bullet Through Apple
Source: MIT // Wired

We can appreciate because the magic of motion as it occurs in fractions of a second because of an early invention called Strobe Photography.

After today you will know why one of the greatest philosophers of the 20th century said simply, “be here now,” because just as Ever Widening Circles’ writers have pointed out, perspective can leave us blind to a lot of beauty and possibility.

Not sure what the best strobe photography is?

Why should we care?

Let’s try to unpack this by first having a taste of the extraordinary art form/science we’re going to look at today: Magic Drops in Slow Motion 4 from the awesome PCOimaging YouTube channel.

This is all going on right in front of our eyes when we get out of the shower or and when the birds splash in their baths; it’s happening when we add a little cream to our coffee, or when we do a cannonball into the pool!

With a new viewpoint, the most common phenomena might seem amazing and even miraculous.

The Predecessor of Time-lapse Photography

Beauty aside, the deeper question is just as fascinating: how did people first consider studying it?

The story itself is actually so well told and houses such amazing photography itself, we thought you should see this in its original form – grainy, old school audio quality, black and white… a classic, but what a treat! And even though it’s an old movie, it’s still just as relevant and interesting as it was 70 years ago!

Take a look at Harold Edgerton’s original strobe photography explanation movie below, and don’t disappear too quickly…there’s some of best imagery we could find there! Harold has a pretty cool website, and we highly recommend you take a look after watching the video!

If you have a few minutes to spare, follow the link to Harold’s website to watch the video!

Want to see a little more?

Thankfully, for all of us here in the EWC community who love strobe photography, slow-motion videos, and later-day time-lapse videos, Mr. Edgerton not only looked into but became the prominent figure of strobe photography!

Take a look at some of Harold Edgerton’s most famous images…

Image: Bullet through a King of Hearts card

Bullet through a King of Hearts card
Source: Harold Edgerton // Bicycle Cards

Image: bullet through balloon

Bullet Passing Through Three Balloons
Source: Harold Edgerton // Met Museum

Image: Batting Machine Strobe

Batting Machine Strobe
Source: Harold Edgerton // Blogspot

Well, that’s our little journey into possibility for today on Ever Widening Circles!

Stay curious, open and optimistic!

~ Dr. Lynda

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