Need some special words to send to a person who you cherish? If you have a friend, lover, relative or someone you love, here are some sentiments that might resonate. (Don’t wait until Valentine’s day!)

I’m Dr. Lynda Ulrich, the founder of Ever Widening Circles. My husband and I have celebrated 40 Valentines Days together and people always ask me, “What’s the secret to remaining friends that long?”


Image: Dr. Lynda and Dr. Chuck in high school and today

Source: Dr. Lynda

I’m getting a bit personal in today’s EWC posting, but I hope it is a gift to you that you can pass on.

I suspect the secret to long, deep relationships is to be on the right side of the math.

We have to make sure our “deposits” of appreciation and kindness, exceed our “withdrawals”, those moments when we take advantage of someone’s good nature.

Chuck and I have had the same ups and downs as every relationship, but we kept remembering the math in the following poem I wrote for my husband a couple years ago.

See what you think…

1 + 1 = 3

I want you to know that in the quiet of the night, I often thank my lucky stars for you.
I love you.
And if you will, please accept that I am also so very sorry for the times I have not been my best self  for you.

I will forever treasure your patience and willingness to take me as I am:
a bit broken in some places and a hero in my own mind in others,
with my winning moments and my small victories,
with my impulses both wise and foolish,
and with the heart of a child.

I thank you.

I want more grace and time to appreciate the beauty in our journey together.
Can we redouble our efforts to avoid straining our heartstrings?
Remember that our connection is more precious than the day-to-day petty issues?
Remember that in the scope of eternity, the love we have can change the future?

On our best days together, we are 1+1=3.
This is a Valentine for you, so that we can remember to honor the thread of connection between us…
for it is one of the most precious things we will ever know.”

By: Dr. Lynda Ulrich 1

This next video sums up success – in all relationships – perfectly.

Here is a lovely video called Heartstrings by Rhiannon Evans (via Vimeo) to accompany my poem. Take a look:

Lovely, huh?

I wrote today’s opening poem for everyone who has been loved unconditionally by family, fallen in love, or found the love of a precious friend. Feel free to share this article: mothers, mentors, lovers, caring friends, brothers, sisters, fathers, or family. Letting them know how you feel will probably send them soaring.

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The world is a better place when we let the people we love know how much they mean to us.

If we can choose what we nurture, then let’s choose love and gratitude. – Dr. Lynda

Our precious few bonds might often be strained but should never be broken.

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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