Have you ever woken with a start in the night and peered all owl-eyed at the bedroom door, as if some primal caveman might have peered out into the blackness after hearing a saber-toothed tiger’s low growl?

Image: blue eyes of a surprised kid

Source: Pixabay

The creaking of a door, the sudden scream of a child… how about the sound of a coyote coming from the distance on a sultry summer’s evening? Or the sound of the dentist’s drill?! Now there’s a sound that goes right to our core?

Today, we are going to explore why certain sounds seem to root us to the ground.

Let’s just get to this amazing video from “It’s Okay To Be Smart” on YouTube.

We at EWC absolutely love the It’s Okay To Be Smart videos. Check out their YouTube channel and get lost in the wonder there!

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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