ISS…what would these initials have meant if you hadn’t seen the picture next to this article? We are going to expand your interpretation of those initials to include one of humanity’s greatest achievements!

While global affairs might make you cringe at the acronym ISS at first glance, stay with us: what we’re actually referring to is humanity’s most complex achievement. It stands in absolute intellectual contrast to the other common mix of those initials (ISIS).

The ISS is the most incredible feat of human engineering, ingenuity, and the globe’s ability to come together as the best example of human potential: the incredible International Space Station, or ISS.

Before we continue, I just want to suggest we take a moment to savor the wonder of the following photograph:

Image: International Space Station astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson

Source: Wikipedia

That’s NASA astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson as she sits inside the Cupola Module of the International Space Station and simply observes the magical sight of our Earth from orbit.

Does astronaut Dyson’s photo speak to you from many angles?

To many, it may speak of triumph, both of humankind and the progress of women in society. It shouts of scientific insight and the attempt to learn more and more until we’ve slipped the bonds of our Earth.

8 minutes

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The International Space Station is arguably the most complex and successful technical achievement in human history, but how come when we mention it or  “ISS” more of us don’t know more about it?

Take a look at this first short piece from TheVendor101’s YouTube Channel to get us all up to speed on our own best future…

Many of us can recite the words to the last pop hit song by Beyoncé or prattle on for a half an hour about what we saw in past episodes of Parks and Rec, and most of us know more than we want to know about organizations with the initials ISIS and NSA…but why not ISS and NASA?

If I use the initials ISS in a sentence, how many would even know what that stands for?

Let’s try to right that ship! First, I’ll have to be honest: before researching this piece, I had no idea how truly “international” the ISS was. Take a look at this graphic from NASA. Each color is a section from a different country!

Image: The International nature of the ISS

Wondering how “international” the ISS is? This image shows the various contributions from many of the countries involved, painting a wonderful picture of international collaboration.
Source: NASM

Then there’s that fact of the “Home Away From Home” nature of the structure. Real people are living all the fundamental elements of daily life up there! Here’s another graphic that makes sense of that for me:

Image: Inside the ISS

A photo of the insides of the International Space Station gives you a little glimpse into the home of less than 200 ISS residents’ work areas and living quarters.
Source: NASA

 More about the International Space Station

To finish today’s journey into the depths and wonder of space, let’s take a look at a short, extraordinary video put together by the New York Times YouTube Channel.

Some of the images are a little haunting, in a good way, in a miraculous way, if you stop to think about this unbelievable construction, hurtling around the earth for 20 years, at over 27,000 kilometers per hour (17,000 miles per hour.) Check out this video from The New York Times!

Amazing stuff here today and more to come tomorrow!

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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