What would happen if, instead of using “MydogMitzy2015” for a password – you know, something silly but memorable – you used something… life-affirming? Like a goal? Could you actually change your life? Turns out you can!

What if you tried a password that was a reminder? Something like:  “QuitSmoking4ever”,  “save10dollarsEachday” or here’s an oldie but a goodie, “drink8glassesOFwater2day”.

How might that light a fire under your motivation and intention?

If you’re a safe computer user, you probably enter a password many times each day. We’re told time and time again to change our passwords every month, at the least.

Well… maybe you’re there, or you can make password safety habits part of your new year’s resolution! Either way, what if you used all that password entering to hard wire your own brain? It turns out there is some hard science to this and we bring you a genius of a concept today from the CBC Radio’s Spark Radio‘s host Nora Young and guest Mauricio Estrella think so!

Great, personal, affirmative messages are seen as tiny rewards by your brain. They can help you achieve some long-held personal goals!

Let’s listen to a great podcast interview with the ordinary fellow who came up with this simple, obvious, yet remarkable idea. The first 15 minutes of this podcast explains the concept, but the rest of the podcast is just as good, so if you’ve got time, keep listening.

Press the button below and it will bring you to the podcast site to hear from Mr. Estrella. Now if you just click on the play button there, you’ll get a micro version of this concept.

** You will want to look at the very bottom of your screen on that webpage and press the play arrow in the blue bar that says, “Listen – 10:44”

Click Here to Listen!

Via: Spark 1

Worried about getting started? Fear not: here’s a very short video with some great tips on how to get the ball rolling for your new life-affirming-password endeavor:

Via: CBC 2

You can read Mr. Estrella’s original story, How a Password Changed My Life on Medium.com.

Life sure does take interesting turns. This could not have been more timely for me. I’m on it!

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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