The great Pyramids of Egypt…the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris…American triumphs the Empire State Building or the (former) World Trade Center Towers.

The tallest skyscrapers are mind-boggling, but is there a limit?

All of these amazing accomplishments of humankind have been the tallest structures ever erected at some point in history. Now there’s The Kingdom Tower.

But two questions remain: what’s the difference between a “building” and a “tower,” and how high can we possibly go? What’s the tallest thing humans have ever built and is there actually a physical limit?

Image: The Kingdom Tower vs the Rest

The newest, tallest tower, The Kingdom Tower in Dubai, versus the previous record holders.
Source: Gizmodo

Once again, we let our favorite science video maker, Michael Stevens from Vsauce, explain this whole subject!

Via: Vsauce 1

Enough said… I’ll have to listen to that again, there’s so much there!

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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