Today we received an email that contained nothing other than the link to this breathtaking video. After you watch this footage taken by National Geographic photographers, you’ll know why it needed no words.

The world speaks for itself when we at Ever Widening Circles propose that “It’s still an amazing world.”

Check out this incredible video from National Geographic. Enough said…

Via: YouTube 1

I’m not even going to add much text to this article. It could only muddy the water after that.

For me, that piece sums up a century of extraordinary Nat Geo Photographers’ work. Before there was the internet, what would most of us have known about the wider world without National Geographic Magazine?

Thanks to Janet U. for sharing that link with us! Keep sending things our way folks! We need our community’s inspiration for future articles.

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

20 minutes

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