The day is a gift and this moment is to be unwrapped with mindfulness. Who will you be today? Listen to? Learn from? What makes you want to be happy?

The Ever Widening Circles team would like to introduce you to a radio program that we treat like a weekly retreat in our house: The TED Radio Hour on National Public Radio, our weekly go-to attitude adjustment hour. (Even our three teenagers listen to it without fail!)

A radio program? Before you jump off the page and disconnect, wait!

If you haven’t laid back and listened to this particular podcast option, you’re missing out!

Give the episode on happiness (Simply Happy) a try, then try out any of their archived shows. You can’t miss; they are all perfect ways to relax, be entertained, and come out the other side of an hour transformed.

Image: happy jumping people at sunset

Source: Pixabay

 “The challenge is to find opportunity in even the bad things.”
— Brother David Steinl-Rast

The TED Radio Hour – “Simply Happy”

So without further ado, here’s a link to the awesome TED Radio Hour with some of the greatest minds in the world on the subject of How to Find Happiness.

Want to see some innovations to celebrate?

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