Today we woke to a very chilly house with the furnace running non-stop. A quick look at the digital thermometer I got for Christmas said that indoors the best we could do was 51 degrees F.

…maybe that’s because on the other side of the window, outside, it was -18 degrees F! Yikes!

Image: wind chill and Dr. Chuck

Source: Dr. Lynda

On top of that, I look outside and the snow is blowing horizontally. The wind must be 10-15 mph. Brrrrrr!

So while my high school kids are getting ready for school, I’m saying things like, “Dress in real winter clothes today!”, “Today’s the day to wear those boots you wouldn’t be caught dead in!”, “You’ve got to have a hat on today!” and “The temperature with wind chill factor is -38 degrees!”

We may know what wind chill means when we feel it, but do we understand what’s going on, or how it’s calculated?

Let’s begin our journey with this very short, grrrrrrreat explanation and then finish a bit of fun! Without further ado, here’s wind chill, as explained by The Weather Channel:

The really important takeaway message there is that last bit:

Wind chill only affects animals that produce body heat that can be swept away from our bodies by a stiff breeze!

16 minutes

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Wind chill has no effect on our cars, cell phones or thermometers! It’s just a mathematical calculation, mostly done by looking at a table someone once created.

Okay, now for the fun. Check out this guy from Minnesota! This is how we in the northern tiers cope, folks! Enjoy!

Stay warm! I gotta go make sure my teenagers aren’t wearing flip-flops and tank tops out the door!

~ Dr. Lynda

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