Most of us can appreciate the fact that children have a way of saying important things grown-ups really need to hear. What if we listened?

We’d like to share a series of remarkable, short videos that demonstrate that perfectly, and the sentiments are ideal for the new year.

But first, we pose a couple of questions:

What if we could come together for the sake of the children? All of us, no matter our differences. What if we could put our own interests and egos aside, and just start doing what’s right for their futures?

As we begin a new year, perhaps it’s a good time to reflect on the impact we can each have. Even a tiny gesture becomes a tidal wave when people come together, and maybe it’s children who can point us in the right directions.

This series of short videos show us what can happen when a perfect partnership develops between an amazing creator/composer/conductor (Eric Whitacre) and an important children’s charity (UNICEF).

First up, what do the children wish for in the new year? What if we listened:

Via: masa rat 1

Deep breath… a sigh.

This makes my complaints seem rather petty. I’ve got to get back to being more grateful! I’m going to double down on my efforts to spread some unexpected kindnesses every day. I’m also going to support people like this next fellow who are creating new ways to bring the world together, especially the children.

Now, let’s have a quick word from the composure/creator of The Virtual Chorus, Eric Whitacre, who gives us a look at a creative concept in the formative stages:

And now one of the two remarkable choral pieces from Eric’s awesome YouTube channel, directed and performed in cyberspace, then woven together (the music piece is over at 4:26).

Brilliant!  Here’s the piece created for UNICEF. (This global chorus is so big that the music is over at 2:17, and yet the credits go on for another 4 minutes! Lovely.) Go check out the YouTube channel for more great content, and enjoy!

Smiling? Gave us hope for the children and made us think the creative people and the youth of the world might be able to make the world a far better place.

That piece gave us hope for the children and made us think the creative people and the youth of the world might be able to make the world a far better place.

What if we listened like it might change the future?

UNICEF is an organization for the ages. We remember trick-or-treating for UNICEF when we were children. It seems to have gone rather quiet in recent years, but its impact is still immeasurable. Dr. Chuck and I have visited a few orphanages established by SOS Children’s Villages, and in our experience, we saw firsthand, partnerships between local UNICEF teams that make all the difference in the world to individual children.

Here’s one last remarkably creative video. It’s an inspiring use of digital technology!

Via: Qantas 5

Thanks for coming along on today’s beautiful journey with the children and the composer. We are honored to put these articles together so we can share insights like these. If you know others who would enjoy the EWC community, pass on the word!

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Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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