Pushing the conventional boundaries of the human body seems to be a way of life for some, and thankfully they crack open the door of possibility for all of us!

Whether it’s an extraordinary artist, athlete, scientist or thinker, part of the Ever Widening Circles vision is demonstrating the idea of remarkable creativity and perseverance leading us all into the future.

Image: Danny MaCaskill holding bike over head at the top of Cullen Ridge

Pushing Limits
Source: Danny MaCaskill //thisgivesmehope

Such is the talent of original thinkers and doers we’ve featured like Paul Nicklen’s harrowing but funny story of swimming with Leopard Seals, or JR and his Wish to Change the World, or magician Keith Barry hacking into our brains!

We love these folks pushing limits not because they come from the daredevil genre but because they are redefining what we think is possible. Are there limits? Or are our own limits largely self-imposed?

Now, we have yet another incredible athlete to share.

His video comes with jaw-dropping vistas in a way that Hollywood’s most exotic locales could barely touch.

28-year-old Danny MacAskill of Isle Skye decided to take on one of the toughest terrains known – Cullin Ridge – strapping a GoPro to his helmet and with a crew in tow. This incredible video from Cut Media is the outcome.

Via: Cut Media 1

Amazing, right?

One of our favorite quotes at EWC, all about pushing limits, is from a book we’ve featured called Illusions, by Richard Bach.

“Argue for your limitations,
and sure enough they are yours.” – Richard Bach

Keep that in mind the next time you find yourself saying words like, “I can’t…”, or “I’m not…”, or “I wish I could…”

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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