What can one of the creative minds behind the movies Titanic, Avatar and The Terminator series teach us about the deep ocean?

The answer demonstrates that innovators are often capable in leading us to new places in many directions!

James Cameron, whose name you might recognize from those Hollywood hits, designed a deep sea vessel and successfully dove seven miles to the deepest point in the Earth’s ocean: the Mariana Trench of the Pacific Ocean. 1

Image: Mariana Trench

The Mariana Trench’s spot on Mother Earth from a satellite’s perspective.
Source: WHOI

While that’s astounding enough… can you even begin to comprehend what seven miles deep is? That’s roughly 36,000 feet, or nearly 11,000 meters/11 kilometers! Keep in mind that that is another 4,000 feet deeper than Mount Everest is tall.

Here’s what “deep ocean” means in terms that we can hold in our mind’s eye:

Image: Mariana Trench vs Mount Everest

This image shows the depth that a sperm whale will hunt at, where the Titanic rests, and not only the depth of the Mariana Trench but also what Mount Everest would look like (resting in the Trench!).
Source: CNN

So now that we have an idea of the deepest deep on earth, let’s look at today’s featured infographic (or a webcomic, as it might be better categorized) found on the online comic site XKCD. Find the landmarks in the natural world nearest you in your country! It’s even more fascinating when it’s laid out like this!

The Deep Ocean

Click on the following info-graphic and you’ll be taken to the full size image, and then you can scroll up/down and right/left to see dozens of relationships to scale vertical (depth) scale.

Images: Infographic of lake and ocean depths

Click here the image to view full-sized!
Source: Randall Munroe // XKCD

Be certain you give this time to load fully as it’s a large file, and take your time in viewing this: read some of his annotations… they’re pretty amusing as well as hard to believe!

So, did you explore it a bit? And find the funny little extras in the info-graphic that prove scientists can have great senses of humor?


After learning about how deep the trench truly is, there’s still one question that lingers — how did Cameron even make it down there?

Here’s a closer look at this amazing creation that made it all possible!

Via: CNN 2

And there it is, folks, a world changing innovation dressed in Kawasaki Green.

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Stay curious, and have a little fun with this!

~ Dr. Lynda

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